Das Investment Team

Christian John

Investment Manager

+49 151 5342 9853 christian.john@tgfs.de

Christian John joined MBG Sachsen as an Investment Manager in Juli 2019. There he is responsible for financing startups and young  technology companies based in Saxony.

As professional banker with a short stay at Commerzbanks private client segment he started his studies in Business & Economics with a major in International Management at University of Jena and Hull University Business School in England finishing his bachelors with a thesis focusing on fast internationalising german internet-startups. Based on this he started a Master program in Business Administration at TU Dresden with a major in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital Financing and Technology Management finishing with a thesis about the empowerment of local startup-ecosystems. Already during his studies he gained knowledge as a working student setting up a structured fund solution for a company in the field of renewable energies. After finishing his Master he started his career working in the investment management of a VC-investor plus executing the own IPO of the company. Afterwards he went to Berlin and worked in  the business development of a Silicon Valley startup. Next to this he went back to TU Dresden, focusing on his scientific career whilst coordinating a project in a close relationship to his master thesis about fostering entrepreneurial intention for pupils in rural regions.