Jan Thomas Alter | CFH

Jan Thomas Alter
Senior Investment Manager

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Jan Thomas Alter ist Senior Investment Manager | Frühphase

Jan Thomas Alter ist seit 2014 im VC-Bereich aktiv, zunächst im Later Stage bei GMPVC German Media Pool und dann vor allem in der Pre-Seed und Seed-Phase bei Companisto, wo er zuletzt das Investment-Team leitete und dort die Investmentrunden von über 30 Start-ups mitbegleitet hat.

He is now bringing in his experience and knowledge to the early-stage team at CFH, thereby drawing on his large network in the start-up scene. Through his academic as well as professional experience, Jan Thomas Alter provides valuable support not only in financing issues, but especially in HR and marketing topics.

Jan Thomas Alter has an academic background in international business administration and psychology. He specialized in Work and Organizational Psychology (M.Sc.) at Maastricht University and in Strategic Management (M.Sc.) at Erasmus University Rotterdam.