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Ivo Harzdorf
Managing Director

+49 371 9912 00

Ivo Harzdorf ist Geschäftsführer des WMS und der SC-Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH | WMS Region Chemnitz 

Before joining SC-Kapital, Ivo Harzdorf worked at Sparkasse Chemnitz in the field of corporate analysis and valuation and as a project manager at Sparkasse Chemnitz for the ‘Credit Rating according to Basel II’ project. In 2002, he then started working for SC-Kapital, taking over the responsibility for its investment activities as Managing Director in 2007.

As a fund manager, Ivo Harzdorf is responsible for structuring, financing, and implementing transactions in five fund-companies and three fund generations. He has accompanied more than 80 medium-sized and start-up companies in growth, succession, and early stages.

Ivo Harzdorf successfully completed his part-time studies in banking at the Bankakademie in 2002.

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