Dr. Matthias Kalbus | SIB

Dr. Matthias Kalbus
Investment Director

+49 351 847428 11

Dr. Matthias Kalbus is Investment Director at TGFS and SIB Innovations- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH | TGFS Dresden

Prior to starting his career in corporate finance, Dr. Matthias Kalbus worked in fundamental medical-biochemical research. He gained his PhD in the field of experimental biochemistry (focus on peptide and protein chemistry and analytics), established a laboratory for immunological and protein chemical methods at the University Hospital of Tübingen and successfully completed a post-doctoral project on the autoimmune pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis.

He then joined Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden and worked for more than 10 years in the ‘HighTech’ division, which specialized in financing start-ups and medium-sized companies in the high-tech sector. Since 2013, Dr. Matthias Kalbus contributes his knowledge in the areas of corporate finance and product innovation to the TGFS team.

Dr. Matthias Kalbus studied chemistry and biochemistry at the Technical University of Braunschweig and the University of Tübingen. In addition, he studied business administration as part of a two-year complementary degree.

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